About Us


Baer’s Mattress Den has been owned and operated by the Baer family since 1982.

At Baers, we want buying a new mattress to be a positive experience. Our knowledgeable sales staff will help take the confusion out of mattress shopping. We make our customers feel comfortable during the buying process, while helping them to understand the features and benefits of their new bed.

Our salespeople are non-commission and we feel that enables them to assist you with choosing the right mattress for you and not the one which the salesperson makes the biggest commission.

Mattress shopping has become very difficult and confusing over the years because most mattress stores sell basically the same products but with different names and labels at each store. At Baer’s we carry our products the way the manufacturer intended them to be made. We don’t take any foams or components out of the mattress and then use a different name and cover on the mattress.

At Baer’s you can be assured you’ve received the lowest possible price with our HAGGLE FREE PRICES.