Beautyrest Black C-Class Medium Mattress


The new Simmons Beautyrest Black C-Class Medium Mattress features Simmons newest innovations including the new BlackICE 4.0 cover and the new RightTemp Memory Foam to create an exceptionally comfortable, cooling mattress. This mattress is great for all types of sleepers who prefer a mattress that provides medium comfort that contours and relieves pressure points. Be more awake with a Beautyrest Black mattress.


Why Beautyrest Black C-Class Medium Mattress

Rest your body, mind, and soul in luxurious comfort with the Beautyrest Black C-Class Medium Mattress. With better support, and more temperature-controlled cooling foam you can make restful sleep a reality night after night. Designed with zoned and triple supported T3 pocketed coils for consistent support all night long. Temperature-controlled plant-based cooling technology keeps those night sweats at bay. A comfort layer with alpaca, cashmere, and silk fibers gives luxurious comfort while SurfaceTouch gel memory foam provides pressure relief.

Beautyrest Black C-Class Medium mattress has all the stability and luxurious softness you’ve been craving. With more support and better cooling power, you can sleep deeper and longer than ever before. Stretch out on a mattress that has better stability from edge to edge. Strong coils with just the right amount of give and provide support. Layers of cooling gel foam meet with layers of comfort foam to ensure optimal softness, coolness, and support.

Tap into all the benefits of a good night of rest with a mattress made for superb comfort. Wake up each morning with energy and focus. Get back the mental clarity that a lack of sleep has left you with. Beautyrest Black C-Class Medium Mattress targets all the areas that cause the most restlessness. Things like sweating from sleeping on a mattress that retains heat to not having the support your muscles and joints need, make getting enough sleep harder. Additionally, bacteria from your mattress might aggravate existing allergies and add to the discomfort. Beautyrest Black C-Class mattress addresses all of these pain points and ensures the good night of rest your body is craving. With proper support, temperature control, and antimicrobial protection, make restful nights a reality.

Benefits of the Beautyrest Black C-Class Medium Mattress

Beautyrest Black is Beautyrest’s most advanced collection as of yet. The Black collection provides up to 21% more support in all the places that your body craves it the most. With the added benefit of plant-based cooling technology, you can sleep with 18% more cooling power. These two first-class premier features come together to provide you with better rest so you can wake up with more energy to fuel your day.

Beautyrest Premier Support System

Features T3 Pocketed Coil with center zoned construction

  • Alternating rows of T3 pocketed coils and Beautyrest pocketed coils both with different gauges to provide targeted support for your back and core.
  • Triple strand engineering
  • Enhanced support and pressure relief
  • Absorbs energy to reduce motion
  • Long-lasting durability
  • BeautyrestEdge
  • Enhanced conforming properties and pressure relief
  • More edge support provides a firmer and more stable edge-to-edge sleeping area.

Cooling and Comfort

BlackICE with Plant-Based Cooling Technology

  • Plant-based PCM cooling in the top panel
  • Cooling materials just beneath the surface create enhanced heat dissipation
  • Helps provide up to 18% more cooling power to keep you comfortable all night long

Comfort Layer Made with Cashmere, Alpaca, and Silk Fibers

  • Delivers luxurious and consistent sleep through its comforting qualities
  • Ensures airflow and breathability.

Immediate Pressure Relief

Beautyrest Gel Memory Foam: Provides advanced pressure relief that contours to your body for personalized support no matter your sleeping position.

Aircool Memory Foam: Provides pressure point relief along with freedom of movement for both you and your partner.

HD Memory Foam: High-density memory foam provides the perfect combination of comfort and support while conforming to your body.

Self-Response Latex: Responsive material that provides unique support and pressure relief for your hips and shoulders.


Baer’s is honored to be one of the few mattress retailers in the country to carry this exclusive line of Beautyrest Black mattresses that are manufactured for our customers in Pennsylvania.

Additional information

Comparable Queen Coil Count

850 coil density

Type of coils

T3 Pocketed Coil Technology – Coil Counts – Twin XL – 513, Full – 647, Queen – 815, King – 1051

Profile Height


Specialty Foam

Black Ice 4.0, Gel Memory Foam, Right Temp Memory Foam