Return Policy


All products sold by Baer’s Mattress Den are warranted by the manufacturer listed on the receipt or product label. Any issues or defect in your product must be handled by this warranty only and is therefore not returnable to Baer’s for a refund or credit. Consult the original manufacturer’s warranty card that comes attached to your bedding upon arrival. It often includes valuable information about the proper care and maintenance, ensuring the longest life possible for your mattress set. Baer’s Mattress Den will assist you in any warranty concern you may have, but please note that decisions concerning warranties are strictly made by the manufacturer, not Baer’s Mattress Den.

Keep your paperwork! Proof of purchase is required by the various manufacturers before they can process a customer’s warranty claim and/or make any other adjustments to their account. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you keep your warranty paperwork, receipts, and manufacturer’s law labels (the white tags sewn onto the end of each mattress or foundation). Law labels provide information such as manufacture date and model number, which are extremely helpful in processing warranty claims.

What items are not covered by the warranty*?

· Damage caused by misuse or mishandling

· Replacement of non-defective units to ensure a matched set

· Mattress handles

· Fabric

· Stains or soiling (Stained or soiled mattresses are not eligible for warranty service)

· Inadequate support from a weak or failing bed base/frame

· Damage caused by insufficient turning/rotation of the mattress

· Damage caused by incorrect/insufficient support

· Comfort

* We recommend reviewing your warranty card for more details